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History of Chapel of Christ the Redeemer

Humble Beginnings…

1979 - Golden Harvest Centre
St Andrew’s Cathedral (SAC) was the mother church of Golden Harvest Centre (GHC). In 1979, SAC gave a challenge to start an outreach work in the then Bedok New Town. Hence, in 1980 two members from SAC and six members from GHC were sent out by SAC to form the outreach team of Bedok Extension Centre (BEC).
1980 - Bedok Extension Centre

BEC first gathered for worship service on 2 November 1980 at the office of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Phua (Blk 209 Bedok Central – above Kentucky Fried Chicken).

1981 - AVA Room at Anglican High School
In July 1981, the place of worship was shifted to the AVA room of the Anglican High School as the space in the office became too small.
1985 - Search Begins
In 1985, BEC began looking towards the newly built Tampines New Town as its mission field. The decision was also spurred on by the planned relocation of Saint Hilda’s Girl’s School from Ceylon Road to Tampines (It was changed to co-education schools; namely Saint Hilda’s Primary and Saint Hilda’s Secondary Schools), with the potential of BEC moving into the chapel and counselling centre that was being planned for the schools.
1986 - Extension Centre
In 1988, Saint Andrew’s Cathedral relinquished its over-sight of BEC that the latter became an extension centre of Saint Hilda’s Church (Vicar: Rev David Stitt). This was to achieve the smooth transition of BEC into Saint Hilda’s Schools compound, the latter then was under the chaplaincy of Saint Hilda’s Church.
1989 - A Full Parish Church

BEC then became officially known as the Chapel of Christ the Redeemer.

On 29 May 1989, CCR was granted the status of a parish church.

Four months later, the Rev. Gregory Chiang was inducted and installed as her first vicar.

1990 - Chariots of Fire

Youth fellowship was named as "Chariots of Fire" with 50+ youth in attendence.

1992 - Chinese/Cantonese Service

CCR started Chinese/Cantonese service

1995 - Mighty Kids Church

Inspired by a training trip in Alor Star, Sunday school known as "Might Kids Church" (MKC) with 130 children in attendence.

1997 - Rev Then Chee Min

Rev Then Chee Min was inducted as the new Vicar on 10 August when Rev Gregory Chiang was posted to Church Of The True Light.

1998 - Alpha Course

First Alpha course conducted.

1999 - 10th Anniversary

CCR celebrates her 10th anniversary with a commemorative issue. 

2000 - Rev Daniel Tong

Rev Daniel Tong was inducted as the new Vicar on 1 July 2000.

2005 - New logo

CCR new logo was adopted.

2009 - Rev Andrew Raman

Rev Andrew Raman was inducted as the Vicar on 17 May 2009 and Rev Daniel Tong was posted to Chapel Of The Resurrection.

2011 - Chaplaincy Transfer

Vicars of St. Hilda's Church and CCR, together with a few key leaders of each church, had an evening meeting in St. Hilda's Church to discuss the transferring of St. Hilda's Secondary School chaplaincy from SHC to CCR. It was agreed that 2011 will be a preparation year for CCR and the transfer will be effective officially in 2012.

2012 - Full Chaplaincy Status

CCR officially became the chaplain for both St. Hilda's Primary & Secondary School. Additional chaplaincy staff were added to the original chaplaincy team in CCR to shepherd the bigger flock with continual and unwavering help extended by SHC until today.

2015 - Ven Wong Tak Meng

Ven Wong Tak Meng was appointed as the Acting Vicar on 13 April 2015

2016 - Hildan Vision Night

First Hildan Vision Night conducted on 1 July 2016, with Bishop Kuan Kim Seng as guest.

2017 - Rev Joshua Raj Sundraraj

Rev Joshua Raj Sundraraj ordained as Priest on 7 May 2017 at Saint Andrew’s Cathedral.

2018 - Rev Victor Teo Jian An

Rev Victor Teo Jian An was inducted as CCR’s 5th Vicar on 22 April 2018.

2018 - New Life Anglican Church (NLAC)

Before 2018, missions in CCR were mainly exploratory trips with ad-hoc partners in the different mission fields. In 2017, a team comprising pastor, lay leaders and members of the Missions Committee went on a recee trip to Indonesia. Upon return, they proposed the possibility of a partnership with one of the Anglican churches visited. A year later, another team did the follow up. 2018 thus saw the start of a missions partnership between CCR and New Life Anglican Church (NLAC) Medan.

2019 - 30th Anniversary

Chapel Of Christ The Redeemer celebrates 30th anniversary.

2020 - Deaconess Chow Wai Keng

Pastor Chow Wai Keng inducted as Deaconess on 26 July 2020.


May the Lord continue to unfold His-story through CCR, all for His Glory…


Please be informed that in view of Church Camp, the English Service on 11 Jun 2023 will be a combined service that starts at 9.00am.