St Hilda’s Schools Chaplaincy


To link between the different stakeholders of the two schools and bridge between them and the Churches (St Hilda’s Church and Chapel of Christ the Redeemer) represented.

What we do

Chapel of Christ the Redeemer provides Chaplaincy support to St Hilda’s Primary and Secondary Schools. The Schools’ Chaplaincy team comprises of 6 staff and Pastor Chow Wai Keng oversees it. It seeks to provide pastoral care and ministry to students, teachers, school leaders and parents of both schools.

The team is involved in various aspects of the schools’ life. The common areas of involvement in both schools include Morning Devotion, Chapel, School Assembly, Prayer Groups, Christian Fellowship, the Junior and Senior Boys’ and Girls’ Brigades respectively.

Frequency of meeting

Morning devotion is carried out daily (Mon – Fri), while the other meetings are on a weekly basis.


Chaplaincy Team Overseer: Pastor Bernard Yee
Contact Number: +65 6782 6582 (ext.23)

SHPS Contact Person:
Name: Amanda Ng
Contact Number: +65 6782 6582 (ext.14)

SHSS Contact Person:
Name: Ps Shirley Low-Ang
Contact Number: +65 6782 6582 (ext.18)

Any students interested to find out more about the Christian faith will be a channel to the Children and Youth ministries respectively depending on their age group.

COVID-19 Annoucement

Dear CCR,

From 28 Nov, we have re-opened the church for on-site Sunday Services.

8:30AM Service
This is our usual service capped at a maximum of 50 people. There is no requirement for Vaccination or Testing for this service and everyone including children below 12 are welcome. This service caters primarily to worshippers who cannot or are not vaccinated. So if you have a family member who is not vaccinated, your whole family can still come to worship safely together.

10:15AM Service (VTE)
The Second Service at 10:15am will be a VTE Service, meaning worshippers will need to be Vaccinated or Tested (at authorized clinics) or Exempted. We will start with having 2 zones of 90 people for our Second Service and prayerfully adjust the capacity in due course. Children below 12 are considered exempted and can attend the Second Service subject to a maximum cap of 20% of the service attendees.

MKC (Children’s ministry) will be conducted over zoom starting from (3 Oct), till further notice.

Live-streaming of the First service (8:30am) continues, but there will be no more live-streaming of the second service.

Cell Groups will continue to be given priority registration for the Second Service, and upon request, for the First Service as well. The open booking for our services continues to take place every Friday at 12 noon.

We continue to pray with expectant hearts as we know that our Lord is fully in control of all things. Let’s keep pressing on together as One for His glory.


Rev Victor Teo