Planning A Visit

We Welcome You!

Chapel Of Christ The Redeemer is an inter-generational church located inside St. Hilda’s Schools. We welcome you to grow with us as we seek, serve and share Christ. 

Here is some information that will assist you in having a pleasant experience at our church.

What To Prepare

There’s nothing to prepare! Just come with an open heart and be sure to let our ushers know that you are new to the church so that we can warmly welcome you!

Interested In Our Physical Service?

Due to the current Covid situation, we need to limit the number of worshippers at each service. Kindly register yourself to join our physical service.

Register physical service here

Do note that slots are limited and it will be on a first-come-first-served basis.

Bringing Children?

Our Sunday School is held on every Sunday from 10.15am to 11.30am. Our friendly Sunday School teachers will receive your children at the St. Hilda’s Secondary School canteen. 

However, due to Covid situation, the plans may change at the last minute. We recommend that you contact us first before bringing your children to our Sunday School.

How To Get Here

Please enter via St. Hilda’s Secondary School entrance.

If you are driving, please note that you have to enter via Tampines Street 82.

Feel free to use Google Maps where you can easily find the exact route.

Here are some video directions that can help you find your way to our church.

Online Service

Our live-streaming of Sunday Service starts at 8:30am and you can join us here.


COVID-19 Annoucement

Dear CCR,

From 28 Nov, we have re-opened the church for on-site Sunday Services.

8:30AM Service
This is our usual service capped at a maximum of 50 people. There is no requirement for Vaccination or Testing for this service and everyone including children below 12 are welcome. This service caters primarily to worshippers who cannot or are not vaccinated. So if you have a family member who is not vaccinated, your whole family can still come to worship safely together.

10:15AM Service (VTE)
The Second Service at 10:15am will be a VTE Service, meaning worshippers will need to be Vaccinated or Tested (at authorized clinics) or Exempted. We will start with having 2 zones of 90 people for our Second Service and prayerfully adjust the capacity in due course. Children below 12 are considered exempted and can attend the Second Service subject to a maximum cap of 20% of the service attendees.

MKC (Children’s ministry) will be conducted over zoom starting from (3 Oct), till further notice.

Live-streaming of the First service (8:30am) continues, but there will be no more live-streaming of the second service.

Cell Groups will continue to be given priority registration for the Second Service, and upon request, for the First Service as well. The open booking for our services continues to take place every Friday at 12 noon.

We continue to pray with expectant hearts as we know that our Lord is fully in control of all things. Let’s keep pressing on together as One for His glory.


Rev Victor Teo